About Us


CF Environmental is a majority woman owned llc partnership established in 2012.  In February of 2017 CF Environmental converted from a single member llc to a partnership llc.  The company consists of 3 managing members and its employees.  CF Environmental mainly serves the northern Indiana, southern Michigan, and western Ohio regions.  CF Environmental specializes in sample collections, laboratory analysis, and permit test requirement monitoring for primarily the wastewater, groundwater and drinking water industries.

Laboratory Purpose

The purpose of the laboratory is to provide clients with competitive priced, high quality sampling, testing, and monitoring service in support of municipal, industrial, private, research, and commercial activities.  Competitive pricing enables clients to meet the expense of the large number of tests necessary in environmental compliance.  Quality sampling and testing ensures the client with a peace of mind.

Laboratory Organization

The laboratory is a self funded limited liability partnership. The laboratory is headed by the owner/general manager, a project/quality control officer, and a manager of client services.  The general manager serves as the director of operations. The project and quality officer oversees special projects, analysis training and review. The manager of client services serves as the service manager in the field.  The use of EPA approved methods is critical to the success of the laboratory.  The laboratory is located in the eastern quadrant of Fort Wayne, IN.

Mission – Quality Policy Statement

To provide high quality and timely sampling and analyses of aqueous, wastewater, drinking water, and other samples and to continuously meet the requirements and expectations of our clients.