Certifications and forms

Useful and Informative Web Sites

  • MDL Calculator  – A quick and useful way to calculate your method detection limits.  This site has a lot of useful calculators and information.  Go ahead, give it a try!
  • IDEM –   Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agengy
  • NIOA – The Northern Indiana Operators Association
  • IWEA – The Indiana Water Environment Association
  • Indiana Environmental Organizations – A very well put together list of Indiana environmental organizations.
  • Flow Calculator – The folks at HACH really know “the flow”.  This is a great tool when you do not have a flow meter available.
  • Water Measurement Manual A water resources technical publication by the United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation.   This is a very informative manual.  It will become your water measurement “I need to know how” best friend.
  • Interactive Periodic Table – This is really fun and informative.  Inorganic Ventures also has great customer service, fast delivery, and quality products.
  • Asbestos and Mesothelioma Prognosis Information – Mesothelioma Center Provides the most up to date information on asbestos related illnesses. You can get information on doctors, treatments center, mesothelioma life expectancy, environmental asbestos, occupations affected by asbestos, and much more on their website and through their patient advocates.
Sample Submission Forms