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Dentists and orthodontists are often thought of as the same, while they do both specialize in the same medical field and practice oral health, their roles and education are vastly different. At Inspire Dental, we offer a distinctive difference with our practices in Georgia. Our dental clinics offer a unique integration of dental services and orthodontic treatments by our doctors and exceptional staff. We always work towards the best interest of our patients, and we are committed to delivering top-quality, comprehensive dental care in the most comfortable, safe and caring environment.

An orthodontist is a specialized dentist that is trained to diagnose, prevent and treat teeth and jaw issues. They correct any existing conditions and identify problems that can develop in the future. Orthodontists work with individuals of any age from children to seniors. An orthodontist’s main goal is to help individuals with their teeth by using fixed or removable devices like braces, retainers, and bands to help change the position of the teeth in the mouth. They can treat the following: • Crooked teeth • Bite issues including overbite or underbite • Crowded teeth • Over spaced teeth • Jaw misalignment
Dentists and orthodontists both specialize in the same medical field of oral healthcare. However, dentists are doctors who study general dentistry and are trained to diagnose and treat oral conditions like your gums, teeth, tongue, and mouth.

While orthodontists have received the same training, they get additional training and education specializing towards diagnosing and treating misalignments of your teeth and jaw.

Dentists provide the following:

• Dental x-rays
• Fill cavities
• Extract damaged or decayed teeth
• Repair cracked teeth
• Promote oral health
• Promote oral hygiene
• Fill and bond damaged teeth
• Treat gum disease
• Prescribe treatment options
• Teeth whitening
• Install crowns
• Install veneers
• Care for the development of children’s teeth
• Perform oral surgery

Orthodontists provide the following:

• Review facial growth in children like the jawline and bite
• Diagnose and treat teeth and jaws that are misaligned
• Create a custom treatment plan including braces and retainers
• Teeth straightening surgery
• Install dental appliances including braces, palatal expanders, orthodontic headgear, or herbst appliances
Depending on each individuals’ dental issues, everyone may need different types of treatment to help. Your orthodontist may suggest one of the below or a combination of the following:

Dental braces are used to correct crowded or overly spaced and misaligned teeth or jaw with a wire-based appliance.

Orthopedic dental headgear is an appliance that forces movement in the mouth or jaw to correct bite and support proper jaw alignment and growth. It is typically applied as either a strap around the head or as an interior device in the mouth.

Removable appliances
Removable dental appliances include removable retainers, mouthguards, glides or dentures, they are used in situations where your teeth need extra support without the permanent fixture bulkiness.

Oral retainers are custom made oral appliances that are made out of wires or clear hard plastic that hold your teeth in a certain position after surgery or after a method of re-alignment.

• Oral surgery
Oral surgery is a number of different medical treatments that may involve modifying dentition of teeth, gums and jaw bones.
Inspire Dental has several locations to choose from when it comes to seeing a qualified and knowledgeable orthodontist in Georgia. Our locations are based in Atlanta, Georgia; Sun Valley, Georgia; and Alpharetta, Georgia. If you are looking for an orthodontist, and have any questions about orthodontists and the treatments we offer, contact us today! We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! We serve patients in Alpharetta GA, Roswell GA, Sandy Springs GA, Crabapple GA, Johns Creek GA, Big Creek GA, Milton GA, Cumming GA, Norcross GA, East Cobb GA, Peachtree Corners GA, Atlanta GA, Marietta GA, Dunwoody GA, Brookhaven GA, Buckhead GA and throughout the Metropolitan area.
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