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Invisalign clear aligners provides comfort, easy to wear and an affordable way for you to straighten and fix your crooked, or overcrowded teeth. Call us today to learn more about Invisalign or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd Lake Ridge 400 Bldg 2 Sandy Springs, GA 30328.

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Invisalign is known as a clear aligner, they usually come in a package of several trays to use over a period of time. Invisalign has its own blend of plastic and manufactured in their own facilities based off the molds that were taken of your mouth. These aligners are a strong solid piece of plastic that is strong enough to put pressure on specific areas of the patients’ teeth to help slowly move them into a better position.

With Invisalign, you will need a consultation appointment booked with Inspire Dental. During the consultation, they will review your smile, and overall oral health, then finally take a mold or impressions of your teeth for a custom fit of the clear aligners. Your dentist will recommend your treatment plan and serve as your main point of contact for you to get the results you are looking for.

Usually, Invisalign is completed in a series of aligner trays that are replaced every one to two weeks to continue on your treatment plan. Each replacement tray will feel differently every time, as they are designed to continue to shift and move your teeth into better position to reach your goal.

Many patients prefer wearing clear aligners over braces, as they provide a way to straighten their teeth without the visibility that braces offer. Invisalign is used for multiple purposes, not just straightening out your teeth. Invisalign is used to treat the following dental issues:

• Some forms of overbite, underbite and crossbite
• Open bite
• Gap teeth
• Crowded teeth
• Spacing issues
• Straightening the teeth

The team at Inspire Dental will create a mold of your teeth, and use that image to put together a dental plan to help move your teeth into their proper positions. Once received, the patient will wear the aligners to apply pressure to the teeth, which will gradually shift them and move them into their desired places. Depending on your treatment plan, you will switch to a new clear aligner once every week or two to progress your treatment.

There are many benefits of Invisalign clear aligners, they include:

1. More comfortable
Removable clear aligners like Invisalign are more comfortable than traditional braces, as braces have sharp edges which can cut your lips and cheeks or cause other sores. The custom fit and smooth edges of Invisalign make it more comfortable and easier to wear.

2. Allow for better dental hygiene then comparable products
The best benefit of removable aligners is you can remove the aligner to clean your teeth and floss. This offers the healthiest way to take care of your teeth possible.

3. Fix dental issues
Invisalign helps crooked teeth, spacing issues and crowded teeth which runs the risk of developing gum disease since your gums will not fit properly around the teeth in this position.

4. Prevent other dental issues
Invisible aligners prevent other dental issues including reducing gum inflammation, tooth sensitivity, bad breath and even chipping of teeth. It helps to fix overbite, underbite or even crossbite as well.

5. Non-invasive scanning
Traditional braces require extensive evaluations of the teeth. In many cases, it involves plastic pieces to be put into the mouth to spread the cheeks far apart to allow x-rays, scanning or other imaging. Clear aligners either uses molds or 3D scanning technology which is less invasive than invasive scanning.

6. Boosts self-confidence
Many want aligning retainers for cosmetic purposes as your smile is the first thing many notice about you. If you do not feel confident in your teeth or your smile, you won’t feel confident in yourself. Using aligners like Invisalign help not only to straighten the teeth and other oral issues, but it boosts confidence.

7. Fewer dental visits
Traditional braces have patients to make consistent visits to the dental clinic to make sure your braces are continuously adjusted accordingly. Invisalign aligners you will visit less frequently, and they will be much shorter, as many visits will consist of switching out to new retainer packages.

8. Able to eat or drink anything
Traditional braces tend to snap off or the wires bending if you eat certain foods, the great thing with removable retainers, is you are able to eat whatever you want, as you can remove the aligners before you eat. The only drink or food you can consume with aligners in is water.

9. Short time period for your treatment
Traditional braces can take anywhere from 16 to 18 months, some even longer. The advantage of wearing invisible aligners like Invisalign is most treatments usually last no longer than one year. Due to the design, most don’t even know our patients are wearing them.

Inspire Dental dentists have extensive training and knowledge in Invisalign and other dental procedures which allows us to treat multiple different oral health problems. Our clinic offers unique integration of dental services and exceptionally caring staff that always act in the best interest of our patients. This is why so many choose Inspire Dental. We serve patients from Sandy Spring GA, Roswell GA, East Cobb GA, Brookhaven GA, Chamblee GA, Marietta GA, Smyrna GA, and throughout the Metropolitan area!

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